Meet the unique and sustainable green products of Mobilane

With the unique products of Mobilane it is possible to transform every working or living space into a relaxing and healthy green environment.  There are plenty of factors to think why a green environment contributes positively to your working or living environment.  Not only you but also your employees will feel more comfortable, which ultimately results in increased productivity.

Find our full product specifications on the National Building Specification NBSPlus

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Benefits of Building Green

  • Health

    Improved air quality thanks to the capture of harmful substances and the production of oxygen

  • Aesthetics

    Greenery improves the aesthetic value of the surroundings

  • Temperature

    Plants have a moderating effect on the temperature

  • Biodiversity

    Flowers and plants are essential elements for biodiversity

  • Value enhancing

    Greenery increases the value of real estate, aesthetics, happiness and wellbeing

  • Productivity

    Plants stimulate productivity and creativity and reduce absenteeism